Differences between the Military Issue NCO Sword and the Replica


Military Issue USMC NCO Sword USMC 1875 Replica NCO Sword
Is fully approved by the United States Marine Corps. for both dress and drill use. Is primarily used for display purposes and is NOT approved by the USMC.
The scabbard tips and the sword handle are gold in color. The scabbard tips and the sword handle are silver in color.
Has a detailed USMC etch on THREE sides of the blade.  The top of the blade (opposite the edge) is about 3/16" think and is also etched. Has a detailed USMC etch on only ONE side of the blade.  It is important to note that the etch on the replica is not as refined as on the military issue sword.
Comes with a cloth storage bag. Comes with a removable beige tassel.
The length of the sword should be based on the Marine's height.  As a general rule, those Marines under 6'0" should use the 28" or 30" length, while those over 6'0" should use the 32" or 34" length.  Additionally, I am told the tip of the blade should be 1" below the ear lobe.  I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR SELECTION OF THE PROPER LENGTH SWORD. The NCO sword replica is only available in one length which is 29".  Blade lengths are measured from the tip to the beginning of the leather on the handle.  The overall length of the replica is 34"
Priced at $395 plus $10 shipping Priced at $99.95 plus $10 shipping