United States Marine Corps NCO Sword


Although this page is designed for the Marine Corps NCO sword, all the information on it applies to the following swords:

U.S. Army Officer's Saber     -   $ 355.00

U.S. Marine Corps Officer's Saber      -    $ 455.00

West Point (Cadet) Officer's Saber    -   $ 315.00

U.S. Navy Officer's Saber - has "USN" in filigree on the hilt   -    $ 425.00

U.S. Air Force Officer's Saber    -   $ 315.00

Add $10.00 shipping to each of the above.

Here are the differences between the Military Issue and the Replica

This is the actual sword the USMC issues to its non-commissioned officers.  It is fully approved for both dress and drill, and I purchase this sword directly from one of the few companies authorized to provide these to the military.  The blade is high-polished stainless steel detailed and appropriately etched on both sides according to government specifications.  The sword comes in 28", 30", 32", and 34" lengths and include the government specified scabbards.  The scabbard ends and blade handle are gold in color.

Sword sells for $ 395.00

Buyer pays UPS Ground shipping and insurance of $10.

Please provide a shipping address (no PO Boxes) and a desired size (28", 30", 32", or 34")

If I don't have your length in stock, it will take about 7 to 10 days to ship it to you.

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Please email me at with any questions or to place an order.